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50 Shades of Rap 50 Shades of Rap

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

pretty fucicjng good, nibba

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Hardest Game Ever .v1 Hardest Game Ever .v1

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This game is one of the most challengest games ever! I love the graphics, they remind me of games I used to play back in 2002! So nostalgic! I love the challenge of this game too. The fact the only challenge is that you have to move really slowly and be pixel-perfect in your movement makes this a hardcore game so easy, a dope like me could beat it! I also love the obnoxious and repetitive music! It complements to the aggravating tone you were aiming for!

My favorite things about this game aren't even in the game! I love how you put rules on how we have to review your game, proving that even a genius game designer, such as yourself, can have moments of doubt if he really made a good game or not. I also love how the rules basically make it so we HAVE to give you praise!!!

But my favorite thing is how you took the Daddy Derek/Paul Feig approach on handling criticism! When that big fat meanie grayghost531 left a review stating his OPINION on your game, you called him “a pathetic loser," "a complete child,” “a Hypocritical loser,” and even “an idiot”!!! You even said he should “Grow up and get a life” and that “people like you are why abortion should be more common”!!! Wow-wee that’s SIX INSULTS!!! ARGUABLY SEVEN!!!

You know, a lot of people would say that insulting the critics makes you look like a total douche, but with you, it works!!!

I’m glad I was one of the few people who was smart enough to know this game is great. There’s only a few good reviews, and one of them is from a beta tester who you’re probably friends with!!!

Overall, I give this game a 5/5, for you being such a good game designer and well rounded human bean!!!

-Bobby Mafu

froggie06855 responds:

Lol, NCS made the song, not me. I kinda doubt he would be offended, but it sure as heck did not offend me. Nice try lol.

"Move really slowly and be pixel perfect" Lol, that's only because you chose to play that way. The game can be played by consistently moving. Not my fault your current skills or lack off, make you take this game at a tedious pace.

Lol the "rules" say, don't insult the games for its difficulty when the games aim is to be hard a game. I didn't say people could hate the game for other things. Heck, I even liked some negative reviews for being valid without judging the difficulty or graphics and other legit flaws.

Opinion? He basically bashed me and the game on a personal level. That wasn't criticism, check page 2 for valid criticism.

To end off:
>There is more positive reviews than negative, not that I expected you to count at a 1st grade lvl.
>I have never met Beta Tester ever in my life, not that I expected you to state facts
>The fact you made satirical argument to offend me, but make it satirical enough so it cannot be removed really says alot about your maturity.